Exclusive read how to get back your money after wrong transfer




Good day ladies and gentle men today I bring you a solution to a problem on how to get back your money after silly mistakes.

I will help you with a guiding rules and steps to do and the things you should never hesitate to avoid.

Firstly, after you notice the wrong payment you are expected to know the following


  • Know the bank you wrongly make the transfer to
  • Know the full names of account holder
  • Know the exact account number of the account holder
  • Know the date and time of the transactions.

Secondly, you take a process of logging a complain in both bank to place a lien of that particular amount.


  • You can log the complain via email but most preferable call the customer care for prompt action.
  • Call both bank in the case of interbank transactions
  • You write a notification letter to both bank and make sure to collect acknowledgement copy.
  • Go to court and obtain a court Oder
  • Write an application and attached the court Oder, submit  to the bank you wrongly make the transfer to and make sure you collect your acknowledgement for both application and the court Oder
  • Wait for five (5) working days
  • If you are not credited after the five working days
  • Log a complain to central bank of Nigeria (CBN)
  • Print your bank statement, attached the court Oder and copies of the letter you wrote to both banks.
  • After submitting to the central bank then your money is sure back within a short periods of time

Good luck

Abubakar ismail kankara